Why Do Cats Like to Be Up High?

Have you ever seen a cat jump and get comfortable up on top of a very tall bookcase? Have you ever dusted your furniture to find them covered in cat hair- even when it’s over six feet high? There are good reasons for this; many of which are perfectly normal.

Cats in general like to keep an eye on their surroundings. This doesn’t mean that your cat has anxiety issues; it just means that they like to be watchful.

A large part of this behavior stems from instincts and genetics. The cats we know today descend from tree-climbing mammals. The earliest cats lived in the rain forests where it was usually safer to be higher off the ground.

Because of this, you will see them climbing on your furniture, up trees, and even up your draperies. They have a flexible musculoskeletal system and it gives them a great amount of coordination ad balance. Their strong hind legs allow them to jump to high places.

Some cats also do this if they have thinner coats. Warm air rises, and so they may be seeking warmer air so they can be comfortable.

Whether it is for safety or simply because it is to enjoy a different view, there are plenty of reasons for this seemingly odd behavior. At The Cats Inn, we indulge in your feline’s behaviors. We have townhouses for them that allow them to go up to a high ledge and peer out into the room. Why not cater to your cat’s needs?