The Basics of Socializing Your Cat

socializing cats

Cats are not like humans and they don’t have the mentality as we do. Humans have a want and a need to be in a group and to socialize, a pack mentality. The same applies to a dog. Just because dogs and humans have pack mentality doesn’t mean a cat does.

Cats are a different species and they adjust to situations differently than we do. They do not have the urge to please someone else or to obey the command of someone who has a type of power over them. They do not have the same innate need to be in a group, whether that means other cats or humans.

Since cats do not necessarily need humans doesn’t not mean cats don’t like humans. If they are socialized as a kitten and continue to get the socialization then they will be a friendly human loving cat. Those who are constantly surrounded by other kittens and people are likely to do well with others, and those who grew up with a household of one person might not appreciate strangers so much.

Be careful though, if they are subjected to a traumatizing experience then they may retreat into their shell and not want to be around humans and there is no easy way to fix that. Working with an adult cat on socializing can prove to be more difficult.

If your cat is very skittish around humans or other animals the very first rule is so not make them become friends. If you force your cat into the room with what they are afraid of they will not just begin to like them. Instead allow the cat to investigate them on their own terms. This may not be an easy or fast process but if the person or animal comes around a lot your cat will feel more comfortable. Maybe even entice them with treats and only have the treats out when the person or animal they don’t like is around. Always remember you cannot force your cat to like people but you may be able to help them along the way.

The sooner you can start socializing your cat, the better. Cats can be trained; it’s just a matter of understanding their needs and wants.