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Tips for Grooming Your Cat

While it’s true that for the most part cats a very good at keeping themselves clean and neat looking, there are times when they need a little help from their humans. However, cats are generally known for being particular about their human interaction so how do you make it better for the both of you?… Read more »

Why Do Cats Like to Be Up High?

Have you ever seen a cat jump and get comfortable up on top of a very tall bookcase? Have you ever dusted your furniture to find them covered in cat hair- even when it’s over six feet high? There are good reasons for this; many of which are perfectly normal. Cats in general like to… Read more »

Some Tips for Keeping Your Cat Cool in Hot Summers

Cats may be very independent creatures, but they don’t know everything. They need your help and love to stay healthy and safe. During the summer’s heat they can be very susceptible to heatstroke and dehydration if you don’t stay alert. Here are some tips for keeping your cat cool during these hot days.   Keeping… Read more »

9 Quirky Cat Behaviors Explained

Cats definitely have their own quirks- but all of their behaviors are done because they are trying to tell you something. Here are some examples: Rolling: Does your cat suddenly throw himself at you and then go into a roll or somersault? More often than not, when your cat does this, it means that they… Read more »