The Stackable Cat Townhouse

Offering another option with a more flexible design for locations where space is at a premium, the stackable cat townhouse features a compact design while still affording the same great benefits for cats in your care.

Standing 45.5 inches tall, The Cat’s Inn’s stackable cat townhouse provides a single cat with four levels to relax and play on. From the bottom area that gives cats a secluded space to relax or take care of their business to the top floor that provides an elevated lookout for cats, this unit is available with the same front paneling options as the full-sized townhouses and takes up the same amount of space vertically when stacked.

Featuring four floors and 14 square feet of living space, the stackable units include the same patented (No. 6,318,295 b1) ventilation system as the six-level townhouses, keeping units odor-free and providing a continuous flow of fresh air that simultaneously removes airborne contaminants and diseases. Lined with the same melamine interior that resists odor and liquid absorption and is incredibly easy to clean, the stackable townhouse is a fantastic alternative to the larger models and provides individual space to house single cats.

As with the other models, each stackable cat townhouse can be ordered with a glass rear panel or tinted glass options, as well as pass-through doors to connect units placed side by side. These units also accommodate The Cat’s Inn’s cute and cozy cat beds for napping, featuring a four-post design and washable mattress, and available in oak, maple or cherry wood construction.

To learn more about the stackable cat townhouse or any other model, call The Cat’s Inn today at 877-228-7466.


  • Height: 45.5″Cat Townhouses for Sale
  • Width: 30″
  • Depth: 30″

4 levels for a cat to explore with a total of 14 square feet of flat living space.

  • Glass blocks
  • Tinted Glass
  • Pass Through Doors
  • 4 Poster bed in oak, cherry or maple with washable mattress.

Townhouses for Cats
1. 4th level play area.
2. 3rd level dining and lounge area.
3. 2nd level hide away gives cats the privacy they crave, behind a solid door, without being in the litter box.
4. Litter box area with patented ventilation system to remove air borne diseases and odor. Storage area for kitty’s personal belongings.
5. Ventilation duct outlets are located on each side of the townhouse. When placed side by side, this creates on ventilation passage to remove air borne diseases and odor.

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