Avoid a Christmas Cat-Astrophe

With December comes the Christmas season, and many families will soon be putting up their trees to celebrate the season. However, not all members of the family may understand that the tree is a decoration – not a climbing post or new toy. Cats and Christmas trees have been the punch line of countless holiday jokes over the years, but if it happens in your home, you probably won’t be laughing. Here are a few tips to keep your feline friends away from your holiday décor this season.

Christmas KittensScent Deterrent

You’ve probably heard of using scents or pheromones to change a cat’s attitudes. They can be used to help make a cat more calm and placid or deter them from scratching your furniture. Scented sprays or oils can also work to keep your cat away from your tree. Some of the most popular options are citrus oils, like lemon or orange, although citronella, vinegar and even hot sauce scents can keep your cat away, notes PetMD.

Strategic Placement

Many people decorate their trees with seasonal ornaments that dangle from the branches – eye candy for many cats. With that in mind, strategically choosing where to place ornaments on the tree can help minimize issues. Place more delicate ornaments higher in the tree where they are further from the reach of swatting paws. Unbreakable or sturdy plastic ornaments are the best option for lower sections of the tree. You may also want to place fewer decorations overall in the bottom third of the tree to create less enticing objects to draw your cat’s attention.

Anchors Away

Anchoring your tree can also be a smart choice if you will be moving a tree into your cat’s home this holiday. If your cat bats at ornaments or jumps into the tree, the sudden action can sway or even knock over the tree, leading to a sticky, pointy mess of pine needles, possible broken ornaments and even a fire risk in some instances. Using wires or other connections to keep the tree upright can help make sure that you minimize problems during the yuletide season.

Protect the Wires

Lastly, some cats have been known to bite, chew or play with power cords, which can be a serious hazard for not only your cat, but also your home. Frayed or exposed wiring can cause electrocution in both people and cats, and severely damaged wiring could even produce sparks that could lead to a fire. Wrap the power cords for your lights in sturdy tape or inside plastic tubing to keep them out of reach from inquisitive paws and teeth.

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