Animal Shelter Towers

Designed specifically with shelters in mind, the animal shelter towers available from The Cat’s Inn offer safe and convenient storage in two mobile variations for your convenience.

The 4001 model comes with three individual living areas, each capable of holding on adult cat comfortably. Each space offers a hidden place for the litter box and a secluded area outside of the litter tray to hide, while the open center area provides an elevated viewpoint with space to stretch out for napping and playing.

The 4003 model offers much the same design but removes the bottom cat unit to add a designated storage area. This is perfect to hold extra litter or cat food, as well as any medications, toys or other personal items for the cats.

All shelter tower are lined with commercial-grade, thermally fused melamine, making the units easy to clean and odor- and moisture-resistant. Ventilation is included at the top and bottom of the doors on each individual space, and the tower front panels are constructed with medium-density fiberboard covered with three coats of urethane in your choice of 70 great colors.

Each individual unit is 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep, and the combined units stand 5 feet, 5 inches in height. The towers are also on lockable swivel caster wheels, making it easy to move the towers wherever is convenient and secure them in place.

Cat Townhouse

Item Number- 4001

The units are constructed of thermally fused 100% moisture resistant commercial grade melamine. The fronts are a premium double refined MDF panel with three coats of water borne urethane available in 70 colors with tempered glass windows. Air vents are on the top and bottom of each door. The litter box area offers the privacy that cats desire while also offering a separate space for them to hide when they want to. Each individual unit has two levels for the cats to enjoy and play. All towers are on locking casters. Tower has space for three adult cats.

Each individual unit is 2′ tall x 3′ wide x 2′ deep. Total height w/ locking castors is 66″.

1. Play Area

2. Litter Box Area

Townhouses For Cats
Item Number- 4003

This unit is constructed with the same moisture Resistant commercial grade melamine in the  interior and premium refined MDF panel on the front. This provides space for two cats on the upper levels and storage in the bottom level.

Each individual unit is 2’ tall, 2’ deep and 3’ wide. Total height w/ locking castors is 66″.

1. Air Vents

2. Storage Area

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